Sunday, August 17, 2014

I ate some bugs

I had a pretty exciting week.

I ate some bugs, got hit by a guy on a moto, and picked rice. :D

So Wednesday Clark and I were biking near a gas station and some guy must have been in a big hurry because he was driving really fast.  He came up on my right side between me and a cement wall like 2 feet away, but chose to hit me instead of the cement wall.  It was a pretty loud *clash of metal and plastic* noise.  A lesser man would have fallen off his bike, but after a graceful dance I managed to stay up.  The guy looked back for a moment and then sped off.  The only real injury was to my pride, and a sore arm/leg.  My bike tire popped and I was able to get a "Jee-an" (mechanic) to fix it for like 25 cents. 

After my bike was fixed we went and picked rice at a member's field.  We had to go through a  pretty cool bamboo forest to get there.  I kept thinking, "If I ever got stranded in here I could totally build my own bamboo shelter to live in".  

On Thursday During our weekly planning, the landlord had a plumber come fix the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom.  It was funny/awkward because we had basically boarded off that bathroom and moved furniture in front of it and had an air tight seal going at the cracks of the door.  We didn't want weird smells or bugs coming through.  After the guy fixed it we didn't want to rearrange our room so we put everything back where it used to be.  We still have 3 other working bathrooms throughout the house.  

Our district had a potluck this week during district meeting...The khmaes brought a big tupperware full of bugs.  They were like eating it with rice and even straight from the tupperware with a spoon.  Cool stuff haha.

I swallowed a good sized bug while biking one night this week....I now bike with my mouth closed...

We had an awesome week in the work.  4 new investigators and many others progressing.  My testimony was strengthened as I led and taught many lessons this week.  We taught the plan of salvation several times.  I'm so grateful for the knowledge of who I am, where I came from, What I need to do during this life, and where I will go after I pass away.  The greatest blessing is being able to share that knowledge with others and watch them experience it.  Its life changing.

Some kid shouted "Bonjour" at me this week as I road by....haha close enough.  I replied "Min min baraang!"  or "I'm not French!".  I could hear the kids whispering "americkang" as I road away. ten seconds later a bunch of "Hey-loh"s were heard...
Gotta love em.   

This email may be short, but there's not enough time and that's a good gist of my week.  

One thing I thought about this week that i'm surprised by..."I love setting goals"...Never in a millions years would I be the guy to say that..It must be being on a mission that has changed me.  They used to be chore...something the teachers always talked about and I'd start tuning out at the phrase "setting goals".  Now its my life. My purpose is to progress and help others to do the same, therefore I need good goals.  Just a thought I had.  

Love Elder Z

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