Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brand New Year - Brand New Transfer

Happy New Years everyone,

My New Year's was an interesting one.  It felt strange when all the elders settled down for bed at 9:30 pm as usual.  At midnight, I was awoken by the little fireworks that went off down the street. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window for a bit, having a moment of quiet contemplation.  It was a memorable night, I hope your New Years was as good as mine (;

We started out the new year strong, applying our New Year's resolutions, and working towards achieving our goals.  Transfers happened on Friday and Elder Ty, and Anthony left our small band of missionaries in Takhmao.  Elder McGavin and Elder Jarvis arrived to replace them.  With the new changes the atmosphere in our house seems different, but we're happy to have the new guys with us.  

I saw a few cool sights this week that are almost exclusive to Cambodia. The first was a massive semi-truck that had been packed full (too full, Cambodia style) with rocks and gravel.  It had rolled off the road and flipped over upside down in a rice field.  My thoughts were: "Hmm, that's what they get for driving so crazy, honking louder and longer than I've ever heard, and purposely trying to run me off the road everyday". In the past I've seen a truck force a motorist off the road once, nearly killing the guy.  I'm not too fond of the big trucks.  

Another "cool" thing I saw was on the bike ride home from Baku.  I looked up at the moon and saw a circular rainbow around it.  I've never seen that in America, but I think its a result of the pollution here.  What does the "moonbow" mean?  

We have a new Sacrament meeting Schedule for the new year.  Takhmao meetings are now in the mornings, followed by Baku in the afternoon.  I liked it better before, but this allows us to finish our day out proselyting in Baku.  

With all the new changes and "Christmas recovery", I've been pretty tired lately.  Tired enough that as I am biking down the road, I day-dream about just laying down on the dirt ground and resting a bit.  I actually had that day-dream a lot this week.  One day I was biking and I felt like I was just gonna fall over and pass out, but I remembered that I had a Royal-D packet in my bag.  I whipped it out and ate it like a pixie-stick.  So I felt more-awake for a few minutes.

Even though I was tired, It was still a good week.  I hope everyone had a good New Year's and set good goals to work on.  

Love, Elder Jake Zierenberg

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