Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Torn to Leave

Today begins my last week in the MTC.  I'm torn to leave because part of me has forgotten what the outside world is like.  If I heard a car radio blasting non-church music...I'd probably cringe a little.  Haha but really, I've been here a long time.  This past week we battled the MTC version of senioritis.  Basically all of our friends have left for their assigned missions, and we are here waiting for our turn. 

I DID get my flight plans this week.  I'll email an attached picture of it so everybody can know what’s up.  Someone must have messed up or something because I'm not even flying out with my companion.  Of the 14 elders and Sisters headed to Cambodia, 12 are on one flight, and Sister Uresk and I got put on a different flight together.... So for about 20 hours or so I'll be without a companion (unless you count Sister Uresk).  Our Branch President said we were allowed to sit together...but I might try to sit with/convert any Cambodians who might be on the plane.  I'm just bummed that I wont get to hang out with all my new best friends.

Upon arrival to Cambodia, we will receive new trainer-companions and head to our diverse parts of the country. 

Yesterday was Fast Sunday and we had the July Mission Conference. The speakers had prepared some very inspired talks and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.  During Fast and Testimony meeting with our branch, I bore my testimony.  We have a massive branch, the biggest on main campus, so most of the missionaries are nervous or too shy to go up and speak.  I'm really glad that I'm at the point where I don't get that nervous, and I feel it a part of my calling to voice my testimony whenever I get the chance.  Since this was our last one I felt like I had to get up.  As I was bearing my testimony, about halfway through, I started speaking khmae.  It was the most spontaneous, natural thing I've ever done.  I didn't stumble over my words, I had perfect pronunciation, and I was able to bear my testimony (to my district, the only people who knew what I was saying).  I don't know why, but speaking khmae feels really good.  There's nothing uncomfortable about it, and the words flow most of the time. 
So I'll probably be calling home from LAX on Tuesday night.  Maybe like 8:30 or so.  I might have forgotten to mention last week, but Elder Nathan Reyes from Simi Stake is here.  He's only been a member of the Church a year and two weeks, and he's here.  I remember having English with him in High School.  We were good friends, and it’s super cool that he ended up joining the Church.  He's headed to Finland and he's prepared.

4th of July here was so different.  We had a devotional and watched a movie about the pioneers, and then finally they let us out to see the fire works at like 10:15 pm... normally we would be in our beds then.  We ended up going to bed super late. It was cool to see fireworks though.  I'm excited for this last week here.  For now I've gotta go.
P.S. Shout out to my Dad, today is his birthday! 

Love Elder Z

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