Monday, July 14, 2014

The Excitement Is Picking Up

Hey everyone,

I don't have a ton of time, but I just wanted to update you all on what’s up.  I had a good final week, pretty relaxed, our teachers taught a lot of culture (the stuff we like).  We had a ton of extra in-field orientation meetings this week as well.  On Tuesday we heard from Elder Niel L. Anderson, and he taught us about the importance of having the Spirit.  The power of the Holy Ghost is real and we are nothing without it.  It was a great final devotional for us.  On Saturday we had "Pass down ceremony July 2014" for the South-East Asia zone.  Elder Christensen and I bestowed the wealth to the new elders, and it was a ton of fun.  MTC culture is pretty cool.

We had a good last Sunday as well.  District blessings were amazing.  I blessed Elder Christensen and Sister Mathews.  Elder Christensen gave me a really good blessing.  I'm gonna miss this companionship, hopefully I get a good trainer.  E. Christensen is like my best friend and we tell each other everything that is going through our minds.  We have really been able to strengthen each other a lot in the past 9 weeks.  I look up to him a lot and I'll miss him. 
This morning my buddy Elder Klein left for Hong Kong.  He was the last remaining British elder we had because of his knee surgery.  He spent a total of 14 weeks here and he took it like a champ.  Now that he's gone it’s basically just our district remaining from the original South East-Asia Zone dream team.  So we are also ready to leave now.  

This week I was in the 18M building (where I have class), and I saw an elder with the last name "LOSEE" so I asked him who his grandpa was, and he said his name was Glenn.  I think that's Grandma's brother? Anyway so yeah I took a picture with the kid.  

The excitement is picking up, and it’s evident in the faces of the missionaries in our district.  I'll email next week and let you all know how the flight/first-week plays out.  Stay tuned for next week and Cambodia pictures.

Love, Elder Z

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