Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Work Done This Week


**Sorry I don''t have much time to write today...It took forever to get into my myldsmail acc...I don't know why...

Okay so this week was pretty long, but it was good.

To start off, P-day, Elder Keo and I biked into the city.  We found a place to email, printed some pictures, went to a sketchy khmae buffet, and made a stop at the mission home to visit with friends.  Before heading home, we got fresh hair-cuts.

Tuesday we had District meeting, and handed out English class flyers.  Tuesday night all 6 of us elders had "Pontia Gohn" or Embryonic Duck egg.  The Khmae elders had bought like 25 of these eggs.  I just cracked the egg open like a boiled egg and out comes a 75% developed baby duck.  Beak, feet, feathers, and all. Tasty.  You just eat the curled up ball thing with rice.  I haven't gotten sick yet so I should be fine right?

Wednesday was great, all the missionaries in Phnom Penh and near vicinity were invited to go to a special fireside with THE Church Historian speaking.   The Church Historian, his counselors, and Hong Chi Wong...(I think that's his name)....The guy who spoke Cantonese in conference.

They shared about the importance of record keeping.  The whole meeting really inspired me to write in my journal more detailed and to keep the commandment to keep a record.  Afterwards they met, spoke to, and individually shook hands with each missionary.

Elder Keo and I got a lot of good work done this week.  We committed our investigator Bong Tuen to be baptized on November 16th.  We hope that his family will follow suit.  The work is great here, good things are happening.  

On Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.  I don''t think it was perfect, but I spoke for a solid 5 minutes of so.  The topic was conference and I didn't have much time to prepare so I just brought my conference notes up to the stand and shared some thoughts about what had been said.  All my notes were written in English so I just went into translating mode and I thought I did pretty good.Elder Keo wasn't able to speak because he has a cold.  I had one too, but I think american are more immune than Khmae's.  We get colds every year, for them its not very often.  He had it pretty bad, he almost didn't want to leave the house to email today. 

I've been studying my language like crazy. Reading everyday, looking up words, speaking with Keo.  Its super great and I enjoy my language study time.  

Well that''s about what I did this week.  

Enjoy the Photos:

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