Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Companion - Elder Horn

This week was eventful,

On P-day Elder Keo and I headed into the city for our last P-day together.  After a bit of emailing, we headed to the mission home to check for mail. Elder Keo, a few other elders, and I then headed to "P'saa T'mey" (the "new market"). It's a famous market in Cambodia and it is massive.  I walked in and I was instantly surrounded by merchandise.  Everything and anything you could ever think of (minus a few american food items maybe).  It was super cool and If I ever need anything, I know where to get it.

Tuesday we had district meeting and we went out to lunch with the senior couple afterward.  At 1:00 pm we met up with President Moon at the TK chapel.  He and sister Moon wanted to meet the non-member family of a sister missionary.  They lived in Baku.  The family lived just a bit farther than Baku, lucky for us, President was driving.  We met with the mother and father of the sister, delivered her letters to them, and talked with them for a bit.  We invited them to learn and shared our testimonies.  President Moon spoke khmae directly to them and I translated for Sister Moon as she shared her thoughts, experiences, and testimony.  It was good to meet with them and we hope to have them at church in the near future.  

Tuesday night/Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Le Nguyen (from my original MTC group).  We had a good time.  I found some rat traps in his backyard and set them. When we came home that night we had caught two!  One of them was the size of a small cat.  I think Cambodian rats are bigger than american ones.  

Wednesday Night we had English class and it was special activity/show-case night.  Many students got up and shared their English speaking talents.  Most of them sang songs.  One girl sang a song called "Give me a chance""? I think by "Clean bandit". I had never heard it so I assume it new? Haha  

Thursday was Elder Keo's last day in Takhmao/Baku, so we visited many members and he said his goodbye's.  

Friday was transfers.  Elder Keo and I headed into the city by Tuktuk.  We talked about how short our transfer together had been and discussed the new one that was beginning.  We ate lunch together in the city and said our farewells.  I've been with Elder Horn ever since.  

Elder Horn is 24 years old, from Stungmeanjey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  He's a great missionary and a very coveted companion in this mission.  I'm excited to spend the next 2-3 transfers with him.  We teach well together and he is very knowledgeable in language questions.  I feel that through our combined efforts we will see miracles happen in TK/Baku area.

-អែលឌើរ Z

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