Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Like To Push Limits

This week was good,

On Monday we played Soccer again, went to a buffet in Phnom Penh, and started packing up our house in "Preh Ho".  They next Morning was the move.  

Tuesday Elders Anthony, Olsen, Horn and I, moved in with Elder Ty and Elder Lenguyen.  Their larger house can accommodate all of us quite comfortably and its been a party since then.  Moving was a bit stressful considering that it wasn't just our personal belongings, but the entire house as well.  Any appliances that we could carry and pack into the Tuk-tuk (moto-trailer carriage thing) came with us.  (Mattresses, dishes, fans, etc. )  So now we are all living together and settling in little by little.  

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference.  The major theme was "using time wisely".  Our leaders and President Moon had prepared some very inspiring lessons on this subject.  We gained an appreciation on how important the time that we have is.  Part of our training included searching the all scriptures that had references to "time" and how the Lord views it.  

Thursday was our first normal day for this past week.  P-day was over, the move was over, and so was Zone conference.  We had our weekly planning and proselyted.  

The weekend was spent predominately in Baku and that means "biking".  I was able to buy a new chain from my bike and tighten some things here and there and its been a bit better.  Elder Horn and I have a good pace when it comes to biking.  Some elders are slow,  but Elder Horn and I like to push limits when we bike.  Its a great workout besides how much vehicle exhaust we take in.  I don't think Cambodia has laws realted to the cleanliness of car exhaust.  Every car here blows out the darkest , thickest exhaust for everyone to breathe.  Most days I just wear a mask, but I don't know if it makes much difference.  

On Sunday we had church in both areas, and I enjoyed all the meetings.  Elder Horn and I were beat tired though and we had to keep each other from falling asleep through all the meetings.  In the Takhmao branch it was a bit easier staying awake because I was translating for the senior couple, and that always keeps me on my toes.  It was a good Fast-Sunday and many members got up and bore their testimonies.  The theme was mostly about Christmas and its interesting to see these people experience this holiday for the first time in their lives.  They don't understand everything, but they've got a good concept.  

Just like the other Elder Z, we also use the "He is the gift" cards as a contacting tool and we invite people to learn about Jesus Christ and this special holiday.  But our's say "Trueng kuu cia amnauytian".  

It'll be an interesting Christmas for sure.  

Have a great week everyone.  

Love, Elder Z

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