Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Unfold The Mysteries of the Universe Before Him

This week was alright.  I don't know the width of Cambodia from one end to anther, but I feel as though I've biked it a few times this transfer.  

On Wednesday my bike broke.  We were halfway to Baku it just quit.  The front wheel refused to spin despite all efforts, and we had to drag it for 45 minutes till we found a mechanic.  The mechanic was a good sport for dealing with it.  Most mechanics see my old bike and say "Too busy" or "Just buy a new bike, that thing is super old".  The guy ended up working at the front wheel for about an hour.  I can now ride it, but it wobbles hard in the front and its pretty grindy as far as pedalling goes.  The whole ordeal was unfortunate, BUT, it got me permission from the mission to purchase a new bike this week (the mission pays for it).  I'm super excited about that.  

Even though we bike a lot, it gives me time to talk to Elder Horn.  We have good conversations on the ride home from Baku at night.  I unfold the mysteries of the universe before him.  He was mind-blown when I told him that the light from the moon is a reflection of light that comes from the sun.  He spent the next few days telling people in our lessons, and they too were shocked.  I tell him about lots of things as we bike, and there's never a dull moment.  

We spent the majority of our week in Baku.  We had started proselyting in TK, but our lessons kept falling through and we felt that we would find more work in Baku at the present time.  We ended up having investigators at our Sacrament meetings in Baku and in TK as well on Sunday.  

Sacrament meeting was funny in TK yesterday.  I was translating for the senior couple and the district president had showed up to speak.  He went up and said "Well, basically everything I'd like to say today has been said in this talk in the Liahona magazine..." and he proceeded to read an article or two for the remainder the sacrament meeting.  I know how to translate...but not THAT fast.  The guy was reading it pretty quickly and the articles used words I'd never heard before.  In the end I think I got the gist across to the senior couple and I suggested that they read the articles for themselves for the full story.  

The "read a talk" when you "give a talk" approach seems to be pretty popular here in Cambodia.  The only issue is that the members seem to lose focus and stop listening after the first few lines.  I've learned a lot about how to keep people engaged in a lesson from my mission.  

On Wednesday I had quite a crowd at English class in Baku.  Every student is basic, so I end up teaching the ABC's for an hour and a half.  Our recent convert, "Songha" leads the class, having learned the ABC's from the previous missionaries.  I've endeavored to introduce key phrases to them like "What is that?" and the response "That is a...".  For only learning one day a week for a few weeks now, they are progressing well.  Many struggle with "S" sounds and "L's", but I make them say it over and over till they get it correctly.  

Thats a good review of my past week.  Have fun christmas shopping and taking pictures, etc.

Love, Elder Zierenberg

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